Sean’s debut novel, A Council of Angels is a story that brewed in his head for over 20 years. After writing the first book, he quickly realized there was much more to the story and expanded it into an entire series.

Sean hopes that his writing will reach readers of all ages and motivate them to better face life’s challenges through profound, but light-hearted stories.

Sean also:

  • likes to quote funny movies
  • is an Aquarius & ENFP (if that means anything to you)
  • loves people watching, especially at airports
  • puts too much brown sugar on his morning oatmeal
  • never takes himself too seriously – just hover your mouse of his photo for proof!

Together with his beautiful wife and three fantastic children, Sean calls Southern California home but claims he’s left pieces of his soul in Scotland, Spain, and Mexico – all places where he and his family have lived for the better part of the last decade.

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Sean loves hearing from readers and personally respond to every email he gets. (Email is the best way to reach him, actually).

Email him: Sean (at) Sean Marshall dot com

Note – he’s not really on social media anymore… it was fun while it lasted. But you can join him on YouTube and Amazon.



If you have any experiences with angels or just happy thoughts and you’d like to share, I’d love to connect!


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