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A Family of Angels is Coming Soon!

Just a quick note because a lot of people have been asking… Yes, the sequel to Book One – A Council of Angels is coming soon! It will be called, A Family of Angels.

I’m Doing Another Giveaway! UPDATE: Winner Announced!

I recently moved back to Southern California together with my family. We spent half a year living in Scotland and then we traveled for a bit around the Mediterranean. But now, we’re happy to be home. And now it’s time to tell the world about A Council of Angels. To get things started, I’m did […]

Two Women, a Box Spring Mattress, and a Mini-Miracle

Over the last few months, my wife Heidi, has had a nagging pain in her knee. It’s nothing debilitating but it does seem to be somewhat persistent. The other day, Heidi was walking to a store on Prince’s Street in downtown Edinburgh. On the sidewalk ahead of her, she noticed an older woman bent over […]