1. If you had to identify one major theme in the book, what would it be? Why?

2. What was a key takeaway for you from the story?

3. The book itself is labeled a “report” by the narrator, Michael. To whom was he writing his report?

4. The experience that Bass had while in Rome was the midpoint, or turning point for him. In what ways did he change after that? Was the change believable?

5. In the end, what was the real treasure that the angels helped Bass find?

6. If you could choose the members of your own council of angels, who would they be?

7. According to the story, what is “true sight”? Is it possible to develop true sight in our own lives? If so, how? And then, how could we apply it?

8. Which of all the angels was your favorite? Why?

9. Bass’s best friend JP helped him almost as much, if not more so, than the council of angels did. Do you have a “JP” in your life? If so, when was the last time you thanked them?

10. What are some feelings Michael may have experienced as he saw Bass learn his own past and who he really was?

11. What are some ways that Michael changed over the course of the story?

12. Was there an antagonistic force in the book? If so, what was it?

13. One of the angels, Rebekah, calls herself the “love angel”. What lessons did she teach Bass about love? How did they help Bass make changes?

14. Near the end of the story, the angels teach Bass that he has his own earthly council of angels. What are some ways you could serve as an “angel” in someone’s life?

15. The author wanted to write a spiritual book that was also lighthearted, modern, and relatable. Do you think he achieved this goal or not?

16. Were there any scenes in the book that stood out to you or made a deep impact on you? If so, which?

17. In the story, Bass’s mother Kathy, is obsessed with researching her family history. Is this a worthwhile hobby? If so, why?

18. In the story, you first meet Skylar. Although she’s not featured much, what are some things you do already know about her? Why do you feel that the author has decided to write two more books with her as the main character instead of Bass?

19. Were there any key lessons or themes in the story that you want to apply in your own life? If so, which?

20. Would you recommend this book to others? If so, what would you tell them it’s about?