A Family of Angels is Coming Soon!

A Family of Angels

Just a quick note because a lot of people have been asking…

Yes, the sequel to Book One – A Council of Angels is coming soon! It will be called, A Family of Angels.

In Book One, we learned about Bass but in Book Two, we’ll learn about Skylar. She was introduced in Book One but there is SOOOOOO much more to her and her incredible story of faith.

You’ll learn what she was doing at the same time as Bass and what makes her story so compelling.

Things like:

  • How did Skylar seem to be in the same places as Bass?
  • What challenges she faced to find her happily ever after
  • Why did she travel to Europe by herself?
  • How did she overcome “feeling broken” inside?
  • What made her so curious about Bass (besides his good looks)?
  • How having faith in God completely changed the course of her life

I’ll have more news soon.

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