Two Women, a Box Spring Mattress, and a Mini-Miracle

Over the last few months, my wife Heidi, has had a nagging pain in her knee. It’s nothing debilitating but it does seem to be somewhat persistent.

The other day, Heidi was walking to a store on Prince’s Street in downtown Edinburgh. On the sidewalk ahead of her, she noticed an older woman bent over as she was carrying a box spring on her back.

Heidi caught up to the woman and asked if she could help. The woman’s English was limited but gladly accepted Heidi’s help.

For the next 15 minutes or so, the two shared the load of the box spring, resting as needed. When they arrived at the woman’s door, the woman thanked Heidi over and over. Heidi was glad to have done a good deed and proceeded walking downtown.

That’s when a mini miracle happened…

After a few minutes of walking, it dawned on Heidi that her knee wasn’t hurting anymore! It was before she helped the woman with her mattress and it most definitely should have hurt even more after carrying a load like that.

But her knee did not hurt.

Heidi chalked it up as a small blessing for doing a good deed. I feel she’s absolutely right.

As we go through life, it’s easy to focus on our own problems and challenges. However, when we let go of those, and focus outward, we often find our own challenges have a way or sorting themselves out, if not disappearing entirely.

It’s my hope we will all remember to look outward and be ready to lend a helping hand. We may just experience our own mini-miracle…